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So… this may or may not have been my first wine tasting event experience.


Care and I drove out from Brooklyn to the Unionville Vineyards in New Jersey where we met with some friends to enjoy some primo vino.

Honestly I had no idea what to expect, partly due to never having been to one before, but also because I like to let experiences unfold without too much expectation.

For me, it’s the unexpected experiences which stand out the most. Sure there were a lot of people, of course the wine was great, and obviously the company of friends makes the event a pleasure.

But random downpour, running into an old college friend, and a surprise rope swing stood out the most.

A Rope Swing?!

I feel like I haven’t seen one of these in ages. It’s funny how something like a rope swing can take you back in time. For me seeing that rope swing didn’t send me back to a specific time but it filled me with joy and such childlike excitement.

And to top it off, it was a perfect excuse for a mini photo session. These were my favorites.

And that my friends is about all I have to say.

For now…