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I have always loved how the trees align down the path of the Eastern Parkway and seemingly travel into infinity. During our first 2013 blizzard here in Brooklyn, I rigged up a weather resistant bag for my camera and ventured out into the storm.

During this period I was still pushing myself to learn better composition and create better images. Finding interesting subjects which help tell the story while combining a change of perspective really helped me communicate the feeling I wanted to convey.

You can see below how powerful that change in perspective is below with the two photos of the same thing.

Brooklyn Blizzard

Seeing people sit and spend time on these benches always fascinated me since it’s never something I’ve personally done. I wanted to capture the rarely empty parkway path with the bench as the main point of interest, yet allowing your attention to transition to the subtle streaks of passing cars.

Of course heading out into the storm isn’t the same without my partner in crime Carolina Kay. It was a cold and wet snow but we still had fun making snow angels in the middle of the street.

Though I would have loved to spend more time venturing through this new ghost town, it was about time to call it a night. The cold weather, wet clothes, and sleepy eyes still couldn’t hide the smiles on our faces, even if they were half masked.

And that my friends is about all I have to say.

For now…


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