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WHO is JSAYing?



This site features a portfolio of some of my favorite professional & personal projects I’ve poured my heart into over the years.



This will be a place for me to share a few of beautiful moments in life but also some of the remarkable stories I’ve been lucky enough to tell.



While most sites have a simple about page, it felt important to not just tell, but show the journey that leads us here..

Right... but WHO actually is JSaying?

Short Answer...

JJ Sereday

an award winning filmmaker and photographer, who spent a decade in NYC working with some of the biggest brands in the world, and is currently exploring new adventures on Vancouver Island.

Long Answer...

Follow The Rabbit-hole...

Ok so who is JJ Sereday?

Well, If you asked AI

to summarize my LinkedIn Recommendations...

JJ Sereday is a creative filmmaker with an unrivaled passion for his craft. With a career spanning well over a decade, working with the biggest brands, artists, and celebrities across the globe, JJ has the uncanny ability to translate complex visions into digestible, tangible works of art.

JJ’s mastery of various aspects of filmmaking is truly impressive. Through numerous rolls as a Director, Cinematographer, and Editor, he possesses a keen eye for detail, crafting mesmerizing visuals that transport audiences to new dimensions. His versatility in these fields allows him to approach projects with a holistic perspective, enriching the storytelling process and delivering nothing short of excellence, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

His infectious personality, paired with his exceptional talents, makes him the perfect choice for any project, whether it’s a high-profile commercial campaign, a gripping documentary, or a heartwarming intimate story.

In his career, JJ has ventured into diverse territories, from capturing and producing high-profile fashion events to collaborating on long and short form documentaries featuring renowned artists and celebrities.

Oh There's More...

Clients who have had the pleasure of working with JJ can attest to his unmatched professionalism, reliability, and ability to surpass expectations. The accolades and recommendations from industry experts speak volumes about his commitment to perfection, dedication to the craft, and ability to thrive in challenging environments. His expertise in the latest video and film production technologies ensures that every project is executed with cutting-edge precision and innovation.

As a master of his trade, JJ’s creative genius extends beyond the technical realm. He has a rare gift of connecting with people of all backgrounds, making them feel at ease in front of the camera. This gift translates into authentic and emotive storytelling, where every frame captures the essence of the subject’s spirit and narrative.

As his journey continues to unfold, JJ Sereday remains a beacon of artistic brilliance, inspiring awe and igniting passion in every frame he captures.

But really, I'm just...

A Creative Filmmaker Obsessed With The Sonder of Life

This is usually where you see a few snarky paragraphs of how “the moment I picked up a camera, my life changed forever”…

But that wasn’t the case.

See tt’s been a long and exhausting journey of trying to tame a wide eyed child’s blurry dreams and bring their reality into focus.

And it took decades to truly see the big picture.

What I Do
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Video Editing
  • Remote Pilot
  • Writing
  • Social Marketing
  • Branding
  • Consulting

My Story

My story begins long before I even remember… infact thats part of the problem. My memory has always been a challenge, which is one of the main reason I’ve evolved into a filmmaker/photographer

It started as East Coast skate punk cruising the streets of Philly, and progressed as I clawed my way up from the bottom building my production business in NYC and nearly 15 years later here we are adventuring through Vancouver Island in the Pacific Northwest.

But thats just a fraction of the chaos including numerous near death experiences throughout this journey but you will have to take a much deeper dive for the details.

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I’m the guy

always chasing sunsets

with a never ending battle again time, you'll likely find me running off to catch that last glimpse of light before it slips into the darkness

both physically and metaphorically...

Create |krēˈāt

Create a connection, a spark that ignites emotion, a pathway that bridges a gap from unknown to reality,

Create a balance, between two opposing forces. Create meaning when life feels uncertain and out of control. Create, even when the world only knows how to consume.Create

I hear the clock ticking...

but I can never

find the time


The truth is, I'm just a guy with a lot of stories to tell.

Moments & Memories worth Remembering


Life Lessons Learned The Hard Way


Adventurous Experiences



of wild life experiences collected to share and endless amount of lessons learned the hard way.

And then... Everything Changed.

So wild that no matter how much we “prepare” no one is ever really READY for their first child.
So wild the emotions of excitement, nervousness, fear, joy, and even sadness knowing everything this insane life brings.
So wild to know the shear amount of love that will consume this crazy cocktail of emotions the moment our little one took her first breath.

“I Can Hear The Clock Ticking...”

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