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For the past 5 years I had been dreaming to capture cinematic shots of riding the Triumph Truxton around New York City.

I’ve had a few opportunities to shoot Moto ride events and a short film but never in the way I would day dream about.

Originally I had planned on capturing this near the end of 2021 but moving my entire life out of not just NYC but the entire country, it was impossible to find the time.

But that was fine, I still had a place to store it just outside the city and was only a 90 min flight away… how hard could it be to hop back over to NYC and coordinate the shoot?

Well apparently near impossible… The crazy new “start a family in another country” life I’ve adopted made every moment away from home  feel too long.

Fast forward to Sept of 23 I had almost lost hope… until I realized that this was the very last moment to make this happen… before I move to an island on the opposite side of the country.

While still deep in focus on directing a huge multi-day production, coordinating all the timing logistics to align schedules for my last time in the US for quite a while, I was able to pull together a last minute crew thanks to the help of my good friend Frankie.

The truth is there were so many reasons this shoot almost didn’t happen, even on the morning of the day, the weather was looking terrible for a motorcycle shoot.

No one wants to be filming in a Naked Jeep, on a cold and rainy day let alone spend hours on a motorcycle riding through NYC traffic. It was a lot to ask of the crew and even of myself. But I felt this was a make or break moment and had to pull the trigger.

As soon as we started filming… it started to rain. And it rained for 2 hours straight.

I was completely soaked but the shots looked awesome and the rain eventually stopped. As we carried forward we avoided most of the traffic and made our way to the Williamsburg bridge just as the day turned into night.

I can’t get over just how dynamic a range of shots we were able to grab for the 3-4hours of shooting. And these shots are going the be HUGE for the cinematic story vignettes and so crucial to tell the story within “It’s about Time.”

A huge shout out to Frankie Efrain Rivera, Wes Van Heest, & Juan Castillo for helping pull this off!

Here are a few teaser screen grabs