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It always amazes me how much my perspective shifts when I have a heightened interest in something. Back when skateboarding was a very prominent focus in my life, I saw the world as a living playground waiting for me to creatively repurpose everyday items into skateable obstacles. (Who am I kidding? Even now I still view the city streets as a skate haven).

Or when I am looking to buy a new car and suddenly I notice more and more of that vehicle on the road, in parking lots, and even in movies.




Well as I dove deeper into the world of photography, it began shifting my perspective again. This time with an attention to the details I would have otherwise overlooked. Similar to how skateboarding has given me such an appreciation for architecture and design, photography has helped me find life’s subtle beauty in the ordinary.

For me, the only thing needed to make something ordinary extraordinary is a change of perspective.

Personal Favorites

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Interested in Purchasing a Print?

Photography is what keeps coffee in my cup and food on my table. Your support means a great deal to me and if there is an image that really speaks to you, I’d love to provide you with a signed print.

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