I’ve spent my whole life searching.

Searching for a better way to connect with the world around me, the people beside me, and the person within me.

As I continue to venture through life, I wanted to share some of the more important independent and shared experiences. This site will serve as a platform for me to share special moments and memories with friends and family. Many of the posts will include photo highlights and a link to the full gallery allowing them to download and share themselves.

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It’s Important to Create, Otherwise You Just Consume.

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These are the Moments

My whole life has felt like a battle again time. This is my best defense yet.

July 6, 2020 in Personal


And that my friends is about all I have to say. For now… JJ Read More
September 5, 2016 in Personal, Stories

West Indian Day Parade

5 Years in Crown Heights and I had never been to the West Indian Day Parade. That sounds impossible since the festival consumes my ENTIRE neighborhood but then again I... Read More
May 1, 2016 in Family

Juliette’s First Birthday

Watching the newborn to toddler transformation has been pretty amazing to see as it unfolds right before my eyes. It feels like just the other day I was photographing my... Read More
March 31, 2016 in Family

An Early Easter

Family gathering are becoming increasingly difficult to schedule these days so we’ve naturally molded holidays and birthdays to align.

Read More