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Father’s Day Family Adventure

We just returned from an amazing (but slightly chaotic) two week camping roadtrip to visit my family in the States. We combined our annual family gathering with an opportuinity to collaborate with a local RV dealer and capture some travel lifestyle content while towing a 31 foot travel trailer.

Trips like these now require incredible amount of planning and coordination. Gone are the days of throwing close and camera gear in the car and hopping on the road. No only did we now have our daughter Zo with us, but we also brought Jo’s parents along for the ride!

Traveling with 3 generations is not for the faint of heart! But luckily this wasnt our first rodeo as we’ve done quite a bit of traveling with them throughout Euro last year.

Still the amount of coordination for balancing travel time vs experiencing the places we visit is a tight rope to walk. For 12 days of travel, we packed in just enough destinations without going crazy.

See the Full Adventure (Coming Soon)


There were so many amazing things about this trip from seeing the beauty of parks like Letchworth State Park & Watkins Glen, visiting the underground Luray Caverns, showing Joanna’s parents Philly & NYC, but what really stands out for me was the ability we had to bring our whole Canadian family with us to visit my US family.

Opportunities like this dont happen very often and as difficult as it is to pull everything together, in the end it is forever worth the memories we create along our Journey. It was so special to Bring Zo, Babcia, & Dziadek to spend time with my Parents in WV, to visit with my brothers family, and to join our family gathering in NJ.

It was a perfect Fathers Day Adventure.