Watching the newborn to toddler transformation has been pretty amazing to see as it unfolds right before my eyes. It feels like just the other day I was photographing my newborn niece  and now she is turning one.

One year. Such a short period of time. So many little changes within that first year. It feels like every time I see her, she’s either gained a new expression or another ability and a little more of her personality is peeking out from behind the curtain.

Sereday 83.jpgAlso seeing my mother enjoy time with her first granddaughter is really beautiful. Especially since there is such a strong resemblance between Juliette and my mother when she was a baby. It is kind of surreal looking back on the photos of my mom as a newborn. I was once her baby and yet there she was in that photo, a baby herself.



But that’s the beauty of photographs – it allows me to time travel to physically impossible moments and catch a glimpse of something special. All I need to do is look and let go as it takes me to places my mind wouldn’t have been able to construct on its own.


Photo from Juliette's First Birthday


Sure we love capturing moments to save for our personal nostalgia but for me, a photo reaches it full potential when that feeling can be shared with others.

Though my niece Juliette is only a year old and will not remember this day, she will still be able to look back and share the special moment with her family.



That to me is more beautiful than the images themselves.


These photos are from a JSAYcreative Photography Session 


These are just a few of my favorites

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These photos are from a JSAYcreative Photography Session