Family gathering are becoming increasingly difficult to schedule these days so we’ve naturally molded holidays and birthdays to align.

This was the first “trip” home since I had sold my jeep last December. Actually not true we came home for Christmas. But this was the first time we took a Megabus since last time we rented a car.

Carolina was able to take a friday off so we spent the day with Valerie Zachariah and met Adaline for the first time.


My nephew Zachariah is at this amazing age where his face LIGHTS up every time he sees me. I love the time I get to spend with him being a silly uncle.

It was also nice to set aside time to spend with my brother and his family which I often take for granted since I tend to lump catching up with family gatherings.

I spent some time photographing Adaline for newborn session.

These photos are from a JSAYcreative Photography Session 

A few favorites from Adaline’s Newborn Session

The following day we spent with the rest of my family, enjoying an early Easter together.



These photos are from a JSAYcreative Photography Session