I know what you are thinking and the answer is yes.

  • Yes, we did our own makeup.
  • Yes, I too was pretty impressed with the results.
  • Yes, it was terrifying looking at myself in the mirror.
  • And yes, it was a lot of fun scaring people as I walked around corners.
  • 13-11-02-halloween-day-of-the-dead-3233.jpg

    It is always fun trying to come up with an awesome couple costume.

    Having dreadlocks limits the options a little but definitely makes it more interesting. Last year we were Native Americans, which we nailed perfectly. Carolina’s look spans many different ethnicities and I had a Daniel Day Lewis from Last of the Mohican’s kinda thing going on. Ok so he wasn’t Native American in that movie but I’m gonna roll with it.



    This Halloween we had a few pretty solid ideas but Carolina’s Dia de los Muertos suggestion took the cake. We didn’t actually celebrate All Saints Day or Day of the Dead but it was pretty cool to paint our faces with calaveras makeup with a slight “Nod” to her Mexican heritage.

    Then we made our way out into the night.