It felt good to be here, the end of a journey.

Though the importance of closure often weighs heavily on me, seeing Carolina complete her dietetic internship was more than just a relief, it was a boost of energy.

I’ll be honest with you, it wasn’t an easy trip. In fact it was one of the more difficult years that I can recall. But that’s the beautiful thing about struggle, it not only strengthens you as a person but also can build the confidence to overcome new challenges that you may not have been capable of if you hadn’t learned or experienced this.


While I am familiar with the name Marion Nestle from a book that has been in our living room all year, I didn’t really know who she was.

Today I had the opportunity to not only meet her in person but come to her aid in solving a technical challenge which not only received a round of applause but also shout out from Marion Nestle who now knows me by name.

2015 James J Peter’s VA Dietitian Graduates

(Missing Amanda)

It certainly felt nice to be acknowledged but also appreciated.

Which is why I want to personally acknowledge Carolina for persevering through a very challenging year and coming out on top. I also really appreciate the heart you have to help others in need and desire to help educate and provide dietary knowledge to lower income communities.

Also a big congratulation to all the girls from this years program! It was really great to have met you all and wish you the best in your future endeavors.


These are just a few of my favorites

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